26 oct. 2011

Past perfect

Let's do some activities about past perfect!
act. 1       act. 2   
Past simple or past perfect????
act. 3   

Present Perfect Simple vs. Past Simple

Grammar explanation: here

Activity 1    activity 2     activity 3   activity 4
 activity 5   (keys)

Past Simple

Watch the power point presentation about the Past Simple. It is very interesting!
Power point presentation

It's time to practice!
Activity 1 (affirmative sentences)
Activity 2 (negative sentences)
Activity 3 (mix)
Activity 4 (mix)

Past Simple vs. Past Continous

Here you are the grammar explanation. Use your mouse to see the explanation, click to change the slides.
Power point presentation

Do you still have some difficulties?? Practice, then!
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3 (only past continous: affirmative and negative sentences)
Activity 4 (only past continous: interrogative sentences)
Activity 5  keys